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February 19, 2008



Oh honey, I know EXACTLY what you mean and am going through the very same thing. Can you maybe go see Brad again and get a bit more info on what's normal and what's not?

Running Angel

Hey Ellie

I think you are very sensible to scale things back, and probably a good idea to stay away from SWEAT at the moment, as you know Sean will only push you if you are there. As you said the marathon is the most important thing and you've got heaps of time to build back up before the serious training starts.

Have you thought about booking a massage with Tiger - could help?

Pascale and I are doing the Sri Chinmoy 8k on Sunday, why don't you join us? Will be easy recovery pace for me as I've got 35k on Sat. And there will be pancakes, plus Pascale knows a nice bakery nearby......


We could always do some "cycling for special people" (ie. us) in the park one day. I need a cycling buddy!!!!!

The Owl

Cheeky is good! If you don't ask you'll never know will you?

If you do Sri Chinmoy let me know, I'll be cheering.


Dealing with the mental side of being injured isn't often discussed but a really important issue. You are right - it can be difficult to know which are the ones to listen to & which ones to ignore. Unfortunately I think it only comes with time & patience.

As I said earlier, I think Brad's advice is right. Keep your eye on the ultimate prize & slowly but surely work towards it. The marathon isn't going to get here any quicker if you overdo it now.

Patience grasshopper :-)

Love ya guts.


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