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February 21, 2008


Running Angel

Hi Ellie

I have the same problem with shoes except I can wear Brooks but not Asics. I think the Brooks are a bit more stable that Asics, not sure.

Keep me posted re the film night, will def come along

Are you coming bowling on Sunday?

The Owl

I'm a definate for the movie night. I'm keen to see Run Fat Boy Run!

I found Brooks uncomfortable to run in.


You are such a bully. My arm still hurts from being twisted so much ;-P

Thanks again. Same bat time, same bat channel (+5mins) next week? Oh, and breakfast of course :-)


Hi Ellie
Count me in +1 for the movie.
I think your sensible plan is very sensible.
Have you ever tried a swim squad for cross-training? Much more fun than swimming alone and I swear swimming really helps me stay uninjured and magically fixes niggles.

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