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February 14, 2008



I thought blogger did an automatic save? Ah, you're not blogger, you're typepad. Somewhere, then, typepad is storing all the brilliant articulate hilarious insightful "ones that got away", and they will reappear again someday under someone else's name.

Running Angel

You and me both. I so wanted to go to training today as it was nice short 800's rather than 8k time trial! But:
1) I forgot to change my alarm from 5.30am back to 5.15am
2) When I lept out of bed my leg was still sore
3) When I looked out of the window it was p*****g it down.

Now one of these problems I could have coped with, maybe even 2, but all three and unfortunately I went straight back to bed and spent the next hour and a half wide awake cursing myself.

Oh well there's always next week


I have some pretty suspect advice about post-grad study (ie ARE YOU MAD!!??) but I have some pretty good solutions to blisters, so heal this one up with the betadine (ouch) and next time we see each other remind me to teach you the gentle art of safe blister popping... :-)


Thanks honey


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